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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Make Money throhg Surveys

Before writing on make money online survey, I would like to ask to all readers what are surveys? Simple answer from anybody who is reading this blog is “ survey is to getting opinion from people. Surveys are most widely used set of methods in market research. Like a company want to sell products about health, then before launching product, company has to do survey to know what people like. Than company will make according to people’s need. There are many ways for taking survey, old mail service, door-to-door survey, or any particular group survey. I am talking about Digital survey, like You have used iPod of a company, your friend will ask you , “ how the iPod was ?” . Your answer will be , “ it is very good or very bad . Whatever your views this is survey.
Here are some companies who want users opinion about their products.
I want to show top most survey sites, which paid to user -

1. Opinion OutPost – It is very good survey site, members from USA and Canada can join this site. Opinion ouptpost paid by check and its minimum paid amount $ 5 .

2. Edu Survey Panel – Represent Your College . Take Questionnaire about College , Universities, Trade School . Join Edu Research and make money online.

3. Consumer Village – Join Consumer village , take paid survey and participate discussion and get paid for survey.

4. Lightspeed Panel – When You take paid survey from lightspeed , you will earn Lightspeed panel Which can be redeemed for cash, prizes and online gift certificates.

5. American Consumer Opinion – Join ACOP survey panel take paid survey and earn Amazon gift certificate.

6. Greenfield online – This is one of the largest survey panel. They send a lot of surveys. Join it and start making money.

These are all paid survey , now I want to free survey which do not ask any fee to become member and will paid you on your points.
Global test market – This is one of the largest survey website . You can join it free . Earn rewards and get paid.