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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Make Money throhg Surveys

Before writing on make money online survey, I would like to ask to all readers what are surveys? Simple answer from anybody who is reading this blog is “ survey is to getting opinion from people. Surveys are most widely used set of methods in market research. Like a company want to sell products about health, then before launching product, company has to do survey to know what people like. Than company will make according to people’s need. There are many ways for taking survey, old mail service, door-to-door survey, or any particular group survey. I am talking about Digital survey, like You have used iPod of a company, your friend will ask you , “ how the iPod was ?” . Your answer will be , “ it is very good or very bad . Whatever your views this is survey.
Here are some companies who want users opinion about their products.
I want to show top most survey sites, which paid to user -

1. Opinion OutPost – It is very good survey site, members from USA and Canada can join this site. Opinion ouptpost paid by check and its minimum paid amount $ 5 .

2. Edu Survey Panel – Represent Your College . Take Questionnaire about College , Universities, Trade School . Join Edu Research and make money online.

3. Consumer Village – Join Consumer village , take paid survey and participate discussion and get paid for survey.

4. Lightspeed Panel – When You take paid survey from lightspeed , you will earn Lightspeed panel Which can be redeemed for cash, prizes and online gift certificates.

5. American Consumer Opinion – Join ACOP survey panel take paid survey and earn Amazon gift certificate.

6. Greenfield online – This is one of the largest survey panel. They send a lot of surveys. Join it and start making money.

These are all paid survey , now I want to free survey which do not ask any fee to become member and will paid you on your points.
Global test market – This is one of the largest survey website . You can join it free . Earn rewards and get paid.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Make money online through writing reviews

Making money online through writing reviews

what are reviews ?

According to wikipedia article , A review is an evaluation of a publication, such as a movie, video game, musical composition, book, or a piece of hardware like a car, home appliance, or computer. In addition to a critical statement, the review's author may assign the work a rating to indicate its relative merit.

What are Surveys ?

Surveys are an extremely useful tool for gathering information using a series of questions to gather data about attitudes and behaviors.

Here are some sites which pays for reviews and survey.

Get paid to blog! If you have a blog with at least 20 posts in the last 90 days then you can become a member of PayPerPost and earn money by blogging about all kinds of things. PayPerPost will put you in touch with companies who are looking for people to blog about them and what they are offering in terms of payment for these blog posts. An ideal way to make money from your writing talents.

Ciao! is the most active consumer reviews site in Europe. Membership of Ciao entitles you to earn money for your per opinions written on such varied subject as books, films, cars, websites...just about anything you can use or buy! Certain categories at Ciao! also work on a pay-per-read basis where you can earn cash for every member who reads your opinion. In addition, Ciao! has a paid market research section which, should you opt-in, will survey your opinion throughout the month on various issues.

Hotspot is the online website of Hawaiian Tropic, a leading name in suncare and beachwear products. Submit a holiday review to the site and you earn points which can be redeemed for free products from their catalogue! You get 200 points just for joining, 50 for accepting their monthy newsletter and 55 for each Hotspot review with rewards starting at less than that it pays to check it out.

Review Centre
Write reviews of your best and worst experiences of the various shops and services you have used at Review Centre.

Dooyoo pays you £0.03 every time another registered member reads your review and also awards bonus cash amounts to the best reviews received in a week. This site is Ciao's main European competitor but is currently undergoing a fair number of technical difficulties which appears to have lost them a large slice of their membership. The good thing is, you can use the opinions you wrote for Ciao on this site as well, just copy them over and get paid twice! You hold the copyright to them so there's no problem here. Minimum payout here is £50 (as opposed to £5 at Ciao) for cash or £20 if you want to redeem for shopping vouchers. If you're going to use Ciao then it's worth using this one as well.

Yes, probably the most widely known consumer name on the internet also rewards its product reviewers with cash prizes every month. If you write a review at any of the Amazon sites around the globe and are the first to do so in that category, then you'll be entered into a sweepstake to win a monthly cash prize.

Epinions is the granddaddy of all opinion sites. This American site is HUGE and has recently gone into partnership with Dealtime to offer even more features to its membership. Epinions rewards its members with what they call "income share" which basically means, if they make money as a direct result of your review, then you make money too. Umm, what this tends to mean is that, unless you write in the high profit areas such as new cars, new computer equipment etc. (and not the popular categories like books and movies) then you'll not make a dime for your time. Of course, if you are knowledgable in the high profit areas then you can earn nicely here BUT international members be warned, you need at least $100 to cash out and you need to fill out a bunch of forms which take months to process. US members can cash out at $10 without problems.

Consumer Reviews
Consumer Reviews is looking for your opinions on computer software, hardware and generally anything to do with computers. If you are something of a techie then you can write reviews here, of a minimum of 200 words, and earn 10p per submission and 5p every time it is read. You can also earn an additional 90p per review if it is voted as being a 'star review'. Minimum cash out is £20.

Write brief reviews of online shops and your online shopping shopping experiences and you can win Amazon gift vouchers if that shop decides to upgrade their listing at this UK shopping portal. Howasit4u awards £5 vouchers for every upgraded listing your reviews generate.

Web Site Reviews at Review Centre.

Monday, September 28, 2009

earn online with coaching

Money making through coaching is a good idea. You can be life coach and can write articles on web and make your own videos

and post them on your website, if your website hosting limit is low you can use youtube. You can share advice for life,

business, offices. You can get inspiration from Tony Robbins, he is great life coach.

Here are many types of coaching available.

Life coaching - life coaching is a practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve goals.

Business coaching - Business coaching is the practice of providing positve support and positive feedback while offering

occasional advice to an individual or group in order to help them recognize ways in which they can improve the effectiveness

of their business.

Personal coaching - Personal coaching is a relationship which is designed and defined in a relationship agrrement between a

client and a coach.

Health coaching - In the world of health and wellness , a health coach is an emerging new role. Health coaching is becoming

recognized as a new way to help individuals "manage" their illnesses and conditions , espacially those of a chronic nature.

Sports coaching - In sports , a coach manager is an individual involved in the direction , instruction and training of the

operations of a sports team or of individual sportspeople.

Dating coaching - dating coaches are coaches whose job is to direct and train people to improve their success in dating and


Conflict coaching - Conflict coaching can be used in an organizational context , for matrimonial and other relationship

matters and is one of many conflict management tools for helping people improve their conflict management skills and


How you will do all these type of coaching online, You must have to setup website, which allows user to intract with website.

You should use email , online chat and phone numbers to do online coaching. Also should make a forum where user can post

their problems and you can give answer of their problems. You should make members of your website , where user gives little

amount and can join your website and can read all contents . You also can develop some good videos and upload on your website

on specific topic for coaching. You must have expert in any field of coaching. so are you composing new website ..

Friday, September 18, 2009

making dollors online by blogs

Making money through blogging is so easy. Here are many benefits of blogging, 1st it is free to use , blogging is free to use . You can use any blogging services like blogger.com, word press , Yahoo 360.

Here I want to give some blogging services which are free.

Blogspot.com - Its Google service, it is free and you can use it from your Gmail account.
Word press - It is great blogging service, It has many features You can choose great themes.
Yahoo 360 - You can use this service with your yahoo account.
Windows Live Journal - Its more easy you can use it with MSN account.

However here are many blogging services , but here I wrote most used services. OK now you have created blog from these services , choose sub domain from these blogging services like http://greatmakemoney.blogspot.com . choose according to your theme of site, like you are doing computer hardware business than you can use hardware-----(your geographical area) .blogspot.com , this technique is useful for SEO , SEM. people can easy find your blog , like they are searching hardware solutions in geographical area , google or any other search engine will show your website for keywords.

next is how to make money with blog , You should use text links services , because people read blogs if it has good content. You can use these websites to use text link services - adbrite.com, http://www.kontera.com/, http://www.infolinks.com/home.html , you can also use Google adsense .

write more and good stuff, You can increase no. of visitors on your website doing some SEO (search engine optimization) , SEM (search engine marketing) , you also can contact me for these services .

You can use Google anyltics to view how many visitors on your site, how they are searching your site, in which area have more visitors.

now create blog.

Monday, August 10, 2009

make money while you sleep thorough ads

Make money online through ads is great idea. You can make money using your own blog or free hosting site. If you have knowledge on any topic than you should write articles and provide useful information so users can read your blogs or website. You can post ads and earn money from various sites. I want to give you list of sites -
1. Adsense by Google - The biggest and the most profitable publisher’s program.
2. Adlandpro - Not only on PPC, adlandpro offers a lot of advertising method. You will also paid $5 per 1000 impressions of your referral page, and $2 per 1000 impressions of referral’s custom page.
3. Adbrite - Best alternative for adsense and next in popularity.
4. Bidvertiser - Another alternative for adsense with same ad lay-out.
5. Clicksor - Pays up to 85% to it’s publishers.
6. Advertising.com - One of the biggest and pioneer in publishers advertising network.
7. 24/7 Real Media - Advertiser and publisher program. Best for american audience.
8. Burst Media - Another program paying in CPM
9. Commission Junction - One of the biggest advertiser and affiliate network available wordwide.
10. Knoodle - pays up to 50% of ad revenue.
11. Linkshare - Another big affiliate network for publishers.
12. Valueclick - Another great program best for bloggers.
13. Yahoo Publisher Network - Created to compete google adsense. Not available worldwide.
14. MSN Adcenter - Microsoft-own publisher network. Still on beta.

Other available advertising networks.

1. Accelerator Media - Accelerator is an intelligent ad network that features predictive ad serving technology.
2. AdAgency - The leading provider of Internet direct-response adverytising solutions
3. Adynamix - AdDynamix has evolved into a full-spectrum interactive provider delivering ad management, video and digital media services to agencies, entertainment clients and direct marketers.
4. Adengage - Engaging internet advertising
5. Agenta - Agenta is an easy and powerful way for you to unlock the revenue potential of your website or blog.
6. Adknowledge - Expand your reach beyond Google and Yahoo by accessing Adknowledge’s multi-channel behavioral targeting network.
7. Adpepper - The e-advertising network.
8. Adsmart - Digital marketing made clear
9. Adtegrity - Get paid for your hard work! Maximize the value of your traffic and build revenue with us.
10. Affiliatefuture - If you are responsible for a website and want to increase its earning potential, join AffiliateFuture’s network to earn more revenue from your visitors.
11. Affiliatesensor - Get the ease of Pay-Per-Click publishing
12. Azoogleads - The leading performance-based marketplace
13. Bannerconnect - Advertising without boundaries
14. BardzoMedia - BardzoMedia is a world wide focused advertising network that can help you monetize your U.S, Canada and Europe internet advertising inventory on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.
15. BlinkAds - BlinkAds is an online media company dedicated to client services
16. BlueFN - Blue FN, LLC. is the financial services industry’s leading Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Advertising Network with a targeted high-quality publisher base and top brand name financial services advertisers.
17. BlueLithium - BlueLithium is the data driven performance marketing company.
18. Casale Media - Advertising online is better here.
19. Chitika - See how you can fulfill your brand advertising and direct marketing goals in one program.
20. ClickBooth - Publisher CPA and affiliate networks.
21. Clickshare- In the Click-Share advertising marketplace, you decide where to target your ads and what price you want to pay per click.
22. ClickXchange - Turn your site traffic into cash!
23. ContexWeb - Online advertising exchange solutions.
24. CPX Interactive - CPX Interactive is a progressive online ad network, dedicated to optimizing revenue generation for both its Advertisers and Publishers.
25. Enhance - Expand your pay-per-click search campaigns now.
26. Esource Media- As Publisher Partner you get access to over 50,000 advertisers and earn 70%.
27. Etype Europe - eType is the UK’s leading online advertising sales house
28. Etype USA - eType USA holds exclusive advertising contracts with a number of the world’s largest and most respected websites.
29. Expoactive- Start Advertising Your Website With ExpoActive In 5 Minutes!
30. Fluxads - Guaranteed on-time payments.
31. Hyperbidder - The Only Ad Auction Network where all bidders win!!!
32. IncentaClick - Our Goal is to bring your online advertising campaign to the next level
33. Industry Brains - Leverage your premium online content to generate additional revenue from contextually targeted ads that are consistent with your brand
34. Interclick - Transparent ad network.
35. JoeTec - JoeTec is a full service online marketing company. We specialize in display advertising and lead generation for our many clients across many different verticals.
36. Kitara Media -Is an online media marketing company providing advertisers with powerful lead generation solutions through effective targeted online media reaching a vast online audience.
37. Kontera - Leader in content link advertising.
38. Mamma Media Solutions - With Copernic Media Solutions you’ll find the Internet advertising and marketing tools you need to boost your site traffic and drive revenue.
39. MaxBounty Affiliates- with MaxBounty earn revenue from advertising sponsors on a pay-for-performance basis.
40. Mirago 2 revenue streams- Geo-targeted organic / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search and contextual results.
41. MIVA AdRevenue Xpress - Earn more Revenue from your web site with MIVA MC
42. Nixxie - UK’s first contextual advertising company
43. Oridian - Online media solutions
44. Oxado - Oxado enables you to insert contextual ads on your website within minutes
45. Paypop-up - Every Visitor to your Site is a Potential Customer!
46. Popup Traffic - Popuptraffic is the intelligent way to make extra cash from your website traffic.
47. Quigo - Content-Targeted Ad Serving and Search Engine Marketing Solutions
48. RealCastMedia - We represent over 500 Web sites and serve 300 million monthly impressions.
49. RealTech - Network Your revenue syncronized
50. Revenue Pilot - RevenuePilot provides you with the most innovative, efficient and effective way to monetize your traffic.
51. Righmedia- Interactive advertising and transparent marketplace.
52. Searchfeed - A leader in pay per click search engine advertising, Searchfeed.com helps online advertisers attract targeted leads while offering Web publishers a greater opportunity to monetize Internet traffic.
53. Share A Sale- Real time reporting - On time payments.
54. TargetPoint - Increase your advertising profits
55. TextLinkAds - Make more money by selling text based ads.
56. Tremor - Network A seismic shift in advertising.
57. Tribal Fusion - The smart site representation company.
58. Valueclick Media - Quality, control and a robust publisher platform make ValueClick Media a trusted partner to earn the most revenue from every form of online advertising.

Monday, July 20, 2009

money through affiliates programs

Here are best ways to make money online through affiliates programs

Affiliates programs - % on sales

If you are looking for advertisers and sponsors for your website , one way is to join the affiliate programs of the companies that are looking for sites for advertisement of affiliate programs.

Here are best –

Earn Money through Affiliate Programs

123inkjets.com Store selling Inkjet cartridges, photo paper, cables, toner and other printer-related goods. Earn 27% commission on each sale you generate through a banner or text link on your site.

Affiliate Tips.com Affiliate directory, reviews on affiliate programs, helpful articles and affilaite marketing tools.

AffiliateSeeking.com Well organized directory of affiliate programs, organized by category.

AllPosters.com Sell posters on your Website, earn 25% commission on each poster you sell.

Amazon.com Amazon.com is an online store specialized in selling books, CDs, DVDs and Videos. When a visitor of your site purchases an item from Amazon.com through a link on your site, you will receive a fee of between 5% and 15% of the purchase price. Become a TreePad
Affiliate and earn
As a TreePad affiliate you can earn 25% commissions on any sales you make!
Grateful to all TreePad users, who have been TreePad's best advertisers, we are now happy to offer you this excellent possibility of earning money. Sign up is free and open to anyone interested.
ClickbankPromote and sell your own products or promote other products and receive a commision on each sale which you generate.

clixGalore Build your own affiliate program and boost your sales, leads and website traffic by promoting and building your own large 'pay for performance' sales team. Commission junction Over 1000 advertisement programs to choose from. Real-time tracking, reporting and analysis of impressions, get paid monthly by check, etc. eBayOnline auction house. Earn $5 for each new client who signs up with eBay, earn $0.05 for each bidder at eBay. Also: eBay affiliate University for improving your performance. Limitation: US based affiliates only at this time.

iDonovan.com Online recruiting company. Pays $ 20-30 USD for each referred sale. iPowerWeb Webhosting company. Receive $65 (Tier 1) and $5 (Tier 2) in commission for every new customer

LunarPages Webhosting Webhosting company. Earn $52.00 for each new customer (Tier 1) and $ 5 (tear 2).

PayDotCom.com Promote products and earn commissions as a PayDotCom affiliate.

Pension Loan Get Pension Loan Here.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

write and earn

make money online with writing

Please read it daily I will post daily articles. bookmark this page.

Writing is oldest technique of money making. Online writing is new way of earning money. Here you don’t have to be writer to write online. If you have good knowledge of any topic and start blogging. Here are some best sites which pays on writing.
You should be expert in your field

eHow.com – this site use revenue sharing program, it works like Google Adsense. Like you wrote an article here and ehow.com placed ads near your article if anybody click on ads on your article you will get paid some revenue from ad earning of ehow.com
This site also has fast payment system.

Triond.com – this site also generate revenue on your writing. Whether you write, photograph, record or compose, you can submit creation to triond.com. it places display and contextual advertising on article and it pays 50% of total revenue generated by your content.

Payperpost.com – If you have a blog with at least 20 posts in the last 90 days then you can become member of payperpost.com and you can earn money blogging about all things.

Wordsofworth.co.uk – This site gives a contract of 80 articles per months, taking around 8-10 hours of your time.

Here are best freelancing writing jobs sites available –

About.com – About.com is a reputed article site, it has all topics. It always looking “Guides” – writing experts who works remotely to build quality content in niche site.
Freelance writing Gigs – This site is shows available jobs for freelance writing.

You also can search on job sites like monster.com or mediabistro.com to find freelancing writing jobs at home. It is the one of the best way while you work from home .