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Friday, September 18, 2009

making dollors online by blogs

Making money through blogging is so easy. Here are many benefits of blogging, 1st it is free to use , blogging is free to use . You can use any blogging services like blogger.com, word press , Yahoo 360.

Here I want to give some blogging services which are free.

Blogspot.com - Its Google service, it is free and you can use it from your Gmail account.
Word press - It is great blogging service, It has many features You can choose great themes.
Yahoo 360 - You can use this service with your yahoo account.
Windows Live Journal - Its more easy you can use it with MSN account.

However here are many blogging services , but here I wrote most used services. OK now you have created blog from these services , choose sub domain from these blogging services like http://greatmakemoney.blogspot.com . choose according to your theme of site, like you are doing computer hardware business than you can use hardware-----(your geographical area) .blogspot.com , this technique is useful for SEO , SEM. people can easy find your blog , like they are searching hardware solutions in geographical area , google or any other search engine will show your website for keywords.

next is how to make money with blog , You should use text links services , because people read blogs if it has good content. You can use these websites to use text link services - adbrite.com, http://www.kontera.com/, http://www.infolinks.com/home.html , you can also use Google adsense .

write more and good stuff, You can increase no. of visitors on your website doing some SEO (search engine optimization) , SEM (search engine marketing) , you also can contact me for these services .

You can use Google anyltics to view how many visitors on your site, how they are searching your site, in which area have more visitors.

now create blog.


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