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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

money from knowledge

Read Daily this blog , I will update and provide details of given every topic below.

Here are best 15 ways to earn money from home –

  1. Writing (article writing, story writing, content writing , resume writing, e- books writing, travel writer)
  2. Affiliates Programs (earn % on sales)
  3. Ads on your site (I have 15 sites which allows to publish their ad on your site and earn money like google adsense )
  4. Earning from blogs ( make a blog and place ads and earn money)
  5. Earn Money from online life coaching (You can start teaching online )
  6. Write reviews for pay – You can write reviews for products like computer, books and can get pay.
  7. Selling photos online (If you like photography then you can post photos available sites and earn money)
  8. Making money via video (You can make money through Youtube and Some other sites , if you can make good videos)
  9. Taking surveys (here are many surveying sites related health,gifts,life,local search, music)
  10. Build Services atop Amazon web services
  11. Selling items on ebay ( Sell your products on ebay and earn money)
  12. Become Virtual Gold Farmer ( Make money with second life and world of warcraft)
  13. Private forums
  14. Job Boards
  15. Selling E books


  1. I see "comment" on your blog which appear to be javascript. If that is the case then you may want to edit your template to include java. Otherwise great post!

  2. Nice tips!

    Keep posting more!

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